The kitchen table

He came home from work wearing that fitted blue suit, I could cum just looking at him in it. Tailored to his body with the bottom button undone and a thin graphite tie to set it off. This man looked like a gentleman, he was anything but after 7 o’clock.

I knew what was expected of me. I’d wait by the front door at a quater to for him to turn the key. Kneeling, bottom to heels, palms upwards and head bowed in supplication. He’d come through the door and I’d take a gasp of breath, my stomach would turn and my cunt would respond immediately.

He’d come over, place his palm in my head and gently rub my hair.

“Come on”,

he ordered me to the kitchen were I’d been instructed to clear it and fix a thick hook to the ceiling above it.

“Lie face down on the table”.

It was cold, it hit my knees, then my naked thighs, then my stomach and my nipples became erect. The areolas wrinkled and as they hit the table a shot of pain ran through them. I pushed my vulva into the table to feel some pressured pleasure, I knew it might be a while before I was allowed to feel any.

He took out a gag, which was a black ball and leather straps with a hook at the back and the usual buckles at the back, which he fastened onto me firmly. He then took out a length of rope and bound my ankles. I placed my hands behind my back and he binds my wrists, then tied my wrists to my ankles, hogtied.

He climbed onto the table and fixed a pully onto the hook on the ceiling, threaded the rope through. His legs straddling me, I could feel his majestic power. He took a large anal hook and lubricated it.

“Lift up your ass. Lift it! Higher!”.

He then slipped the cold metal ball of the anal hook into my anus slowly. There was an exquisite pop past my sphincter, my body responded and I let out a gasp through my nostrils.

The hook attached to the back of my ball gag, so if I moved, or he pulled on that rope, both the ball and the hook would tighten into me. I heard him reach for the switch cane as he paced around me like a tiger stalking prey. He reached me feet, my upturned soles. SNAP, went the switch onto the bottom of my feet. I recoiled and the hook and gag tightened inside my mouth and anus.

It was fucking delightful and slightly painful. He rapidly struck my soles as currents of sensations flowed from my feet, I could feel my cunt throb. WHACK, another smack to my feet, this time harder. The thin cane brought with it such a sharp sting, I couldn’t help but flinch as he struck.

Then he took the rope tied to the ceiling pully and pulled down. I was lifted both ends, my torso still on the table. He switch whipped my exposed nipples. The first whips always hurt the most, until the nerve endings begin to transmit a constant flow of energy. It felt amazing and I wished I could feel the sharp sting on my cheeks.

Back and forth he went, nipples to feet, pulling me a little more each time. Being constrained and at the complete control of him was thrilling and arousing. The hook on my anus felt particularly pleasurable. I could feel my vaginal lubricant dripping out of me now. He noticed I was dripping onto the table.

“Your cunt wants my cock”.

It did, it was aching for him. I felt his fingers slide inside me. I can’t even begin to describe the extraordinary bliss of feelingn I had, but it made me lift myself off the table. Gripping onto the hook with my muscles my torso was now off the table, fully suspended.

“Don’t you fucking dare cum. Don’t you dare”.

As he pressed on the front wall of my sopping wet cunt. No in and out motions, just curling his fingers quickly and firmly. It took everything I had to concentrate on another sensation other than the rising of the orgasm inside me. I focused on the ball gag, as far away from his fingers in me as I could. It was no use, I couldn’t stop it and my cunt and anus began contracting. He didn’t stop fingering me, but he did whip my feet and ass hard as I orgasmed. This was fucking amazing. Everything felt stimulated, energy exploded as ran through me like a broken dam. I came and came, wave after wave of intense orgasmic energy pumped through me, it felt like I was cumming forever. Each stab of his fingers, each whip of his stick brought another surge. Until finally my anus and vagina slowed down their contractions. He let me go onto the table, lying there spent, I couldn’t move.

He moved around to the bottom of the table and released my feet. Pushed open my legs and pulled me towards him. Getting out only his cock he buries it deep, deep into my flooded cunt. He fucks me gorgeously, my entire body feels like I’m having a continuous orgasm as he thrusts away ever deeper.

Pounding harder and harder I feel the sensation of his thundering cock about to explode and then, a hot gush followed by another and another, and I see him quake. He pulls out and puts his mouth over my hole and takes his seed into his mouth, comes around to the top of the table and pulls the ball out of my mouth as his mouth meets mine. I taste his come as he kisses me deeply, his tongue smearing his cum all over my tongue as I swallow it down.

He gives me a little, gentle kiss on the nose.

“Good girl”.

And he begins to untie me. It’s painful at first, I’m left with the stings of the whipping and the ache still in my ass from the hook, but I like it. I stand on my feet and feel the tenderness of them, my ass is like a tiger with stripes of red, one with a little tear of blood. That’s the one I cherish the most, my badge of honor.

Later that night the Jeffersons come around for dinner and we all sit around the kitchen table eating, drinking wine and laughing. Bob looks up and asks what the hook on the ceiling is for.

“It’s a pan rack”.

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